Who we are

We started in 1951, the then thirteen Buffagnotti Ottavio, with a bicycle and cart in tow began selling the first product Orchidea: saponin washing powder giving a free clip of wood for each purchase. These were the years of economic revival and also in the field of detergents and cleaning the house, were opening up new opportunities. So it was that a single bag of caustic soda is passed to the distribution of bleach and soap to your hands (seconds after the famous Johnson ....) Expanding the variety of products more and more products.The ability to see other realities and curiosity led him to Ottavio ​​to attend the first seminar of trade and distribution in the United States where they were born the first supermarket, and where he received an award for his work in Italy. He returned with the confirmation that he had had the intuition was correct and the enthusiasm to try and implement what they had seen.

The variety of products, competition, continuous technological innovation , the optimization of customer service, and value for money is always our levers and points of continuous improvement. We do this by making use of a chemical laboratory equipped and capable staff, with more and more competitive and versatile machines, where reliability is the main cost containment and the first goal. For 60 years,PRODUCTS ORCHIDEA are present in national and international market sector for house hold cleaning and personal hygiene by offering a wide range of products, so much to say that we have a COMPLETE LINE FOR THE CLEANING OF THE HOUSE. Our trade policy is to offer an alternative for each product market leader,this is the role of second mark, which we continue to pursue.

We stand by our commitment to continuous quality research and the environment, both at home and in the packaging alternative energy, so we installed a 165 kilowatt photovoltaic panels to meet our electrical needs with energy cleaner. In this short story we got today and after 60 years of proudly present THE WASHING MACHINE FOR HYDRO-SOLUBLE ECOD an innovative product designed to minimize packaging and transport, using water-soluble films for packaging and minimizing the footprint package. Chosen to avoid excessive production of waste and carry more merchandise in less space by reducing CO2 emissions from transport god. Amazing innovation that you will find in our line Ecoqui (www.ecoqui.it) along with other news of Concentrate to clean the evidence of our house always be in step with the times and ready to satisfy the market.